All Welcome Here 2022 Year In Review

All Welcome Here 2022 Year In Review

2022 Year in Review

2022 was an exciting year for All Welcome Here! We had the opportunity to partner with some amazing organization, be part of some great events and reach out to the community in meaningful ways. Here’s a quick recap of our year!

Community Events


In spring of 2022 we hosted the first annual POCnic! We ate, mingled, laughed, played, danced and ate some more. Thank you to Farm 77, Squiggy, Cecila, Candace, jals photography, Tikka Chaat, La Condesa and The Cookie Mama for helping to make the event a big success!

Film Screenings at the Regent

Thanks to GM Alexandra Seay and the Regent Theatre for their support in screening Akilla’s Escape in February. We had amazing Q&As with actor Thamela Mpumlwana, co-writer Wendy Motion Brathwaite. In November, The Regent screened the film Scarborough as a fundraiser for All Welcome Here, raising over $750. We deeply appreciated the honesty and openness from author and screenwriter Catherine Hernandez who did a post-screening Q&A with Judith Burfoot. Books and Company generously sold copies of the book, Scarborough, before the screening.

The County Museums

In August, we partnered with The County Museums to host an event featuring Natasha Henry-Dixon, who discussed the early Black inhabitants of Prince Edward County, who were enslaved by Loyalist settlers. Her presentation can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bU0Ets5qbk

All Welcome Here x Slake Brewing Community Picnic

We connected with new and old friends for our community picnic in June. There were free global hot dogs, a crafts table and outdoor game zone. Slake Brewing was a fantastic host with amazing staff cooking and serving. More thanks to Squiggy, La Condesa, Paper Kite Farm, Saigon Wellington, The Bean Counter Cafe, SUJEO Korean Restaurant and The Cookie Mama for partnering with us to make such a delicious event and celebrate Multiculturalism Day. 

Revel with County Museums

We loved participating in Rebel Community Festival and started to sell our gorgeous new shirts by Northern Craft Supply Co. (Picton)

Quell Ex hosted by Quell Now at Stella’s Eatery

Founder Judith Burfoot joined a panel to discuss community and connectedness. 
QuellEx is a kitchen series that celebrates, educates and shares underrepresented stories through food, drink and conversations. They brought exciting BIPOC culinary creators from Toronto to partner with local purveyors and created an evening exploring the flavours and traditions of East and West Indian cuisine.

Want to Partner with Us for Future Events?

Head to this google form to let us know about your event and how we can be involved! 

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Community Picnic at Slake Brewing


Workplace and Community Training

Throughout 2022, we continued to deliver Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Indigeneity training. The focus of our sessions is personalized for each group that we work with. Topics can include be anti-racism, cultural competence, anti-bias, bystander training, and more! The teams we have worked with have been open, thoughtful, and engaged and embraced what we had to say with a deep willingness to learn. If your workplace or community group is seeking out DEII training, please reach out!

Judith and Jessica doing some DEII work!


Presentation to Council on BIPOC Survey Results

We presented some preliminary results from our BIPOC residents survey and called on Council to see this as a call to action. Thank you to each and every BIPOC resident who took the time to do the survey and make such a valuable contribution to our community’s conversation.

Following the release of our BIPOC residents survey results, Judith made a presentation to the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board and met with the HPEDSB Director, Katherine MacIver, and Ken Dostaler, Superintendent of Education, at their request.

We also were asked to comment on some revised County policies (Respectful Workplace and Harassment policies) and the County’s new draft Anti-Racism Policy. Our concerns were primarily around how it all works once the policy is in place. For instance, who decides what is and isn’t racist? How are BIPOC staff supported in what has definitely not been a safe, anti-racist workplace. Perhaps most importantly, what kind of ongoing and mandatory training will be offered to management level staff, County committee members, volunteers and Council members?

Municipal Election

Ahead of the Municipal Election, we sent these 4 questions to every candidate running for County Council and School Trustee:

  • “What does diversity, equity, inclusion and Indigeneity (DEII) mean to you?”
  • “What have you done personally or professionally to develop your own understanding of anti-racism?”
  • “What DEII, anti-oppression and/or cultural competence training have you received and how will you apply what you learned as a councillor/trustee?”
  • ”How will you work to ensure that every resident in our community is included? How will you work to ensure that every student and staff member is included?”

We used these answers to guide recommendations for who we thought would best approach their work with an anti-racist focus. We also worked alongside Represent! PEC to help encourage a diverse group of applicants to run for municipal politics.

At the Quell EX event in June. Pictured Ren (@beer_diversity), Judith, Marissa (@ellejays_ ) and Ken (@lignum.honey).

Looking Ahead

Conversation Series

We are excited to offer a dynamic community discussion series this year – “How do we start talking about race? Creating welcoming communities.” These down-to-earth discussions will guide participants through education, personal experiences and wonderings. The following topics will be the anchors for our conversations:

  • How do we Start Talking about Race? – Asking uncomfortable questions
  • Unlearning and Personal Reflection – Working on myself
  • Bystander Intervention – Standing strong for my neighbours
  • Indigeneity and Reconciliation – Working on reconciliation
  • How to Nurture Socially Conscious Children – Conversations with children of all ages
  • Unpacking Whiteness – Why is there no white history month?
  • Courageous Conversations – Having anti-racist conversations with family members/friends

Events will be hosted at different locations around the County throughout the year. Tickets will be offered on a sliding scale and will support our new initiatives.

PEC Youth Groups

We are excited to be launching a BIPOC Youth Group to support young people in our community.

BIPOC Visitors Survey

Following the success of our BIPOC residents survey, in 2023 we intend to undertake a BIPOC visitors survey. The County has a thriving tourism economy and we want to find out about the experiences of BIPOC visitors: what drew them here, where they’re visiting, and if they’re coming back! 

More Community Events

We will be jumping on the success from last year to offer more events in our community!

Follow us on our socials to learn more information about all upcoming community education and events!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to our community partners and donors for your support this year! We look forward to continuing to grow connections throughout 2023.

All Welcome Here’s Board of Directors

  • Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin, Education
  • Delane Cooper, Arts
  • Robin Squiggy Dutt, Events
  • Judith Burfoot, Founder
  • Fern Dias, Academics/Research

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