2022 Municipal Election

Voting in the 2022 Municipal Elections begins on October 14th and culminates on election day, October 24th.

On August 25th, we emailed every candidate for County Council and School Trustee four questions (plus a reminder).

How Did We Decide?

The members of the Board are active members of this community and we know many of the candidates for their work on council, their volunteering, their businesses and their contributions to our community.

We read the candidates' responses and considered what they had to say. Were they expressing the general "I treat everyone the same" or have they gone further into understanding racism and oppression in individual and systemic ways? What work have they done and how have they put it into practice?

Several candidates mentioned that bringing more voices into the centre (the horseshoe) often means that some people need to step back to create the space. We particularly wanted to respect that idea and celebrate the breadth of candidates on the County's slate.

Some of the choices were very difficult so we have added some secondary choices (in brackets and italicized in the chart). We encourage everyone to read all of the responses and make your own choices.​

Links to PDFs of All Welcome Here's letter, our questions and all of the responses are below. Scroll down! (Please note, if you don't see a candidates name in the list, we did NOT receive a response from them.)

Here is the chart of our endorsements:

As a Councillor, I will apply an Anti-Oppressive and DEII lens when representing my ward and sitting at Council. This includes promoting education of Councillors and Staff, identifying and seeking consequences for racist and oppressive behaviour and remarks, promoting inclusive civic engagement and ensuring Council by-laws and policies are reviewed from this perspective.
Elis Ziegler

All Welcome Here endorses...

Ward/Role # Seats Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3
Kate MacNaughton
Jane Lesslie

(Phil Adie)

Sarah Moffatt
Heather Norlock
Janice Maynard

(Roy Pennell)

Elis Ziegler
Dee Hazell
North Marysburgh
Ben Thornton
South Marysburgh
John Hirsch
HPEDSB Trustee - North
Hale Ferguson

* indicates that no candidate is endorsed in this ward/seat

No endorsement for HPEDSB Trustee South is being issued as All Welcome Here's founder, Judith Burfoot, is running for election in this area.

All other trustee positions are acclaimed.


Only 43% of those eligible voted in the last election. We can do better!

vote online

Vote online
October 15, 10:am to
October 24, 8:pm

vote early

Advance poll
October 15 10:am to 4:pm

election day

Election day is Monday, October 24.
Polls open 10:am - 8:pm

A long time ago, I heard someone say, “be kind to people and cruel to systems.”... It’s part of my job, both at a person and as councillor, to ensure that our systems are fair and treat all appropriately and create no additional burden for some based on meaningless divisions....
Kate MacNaughton

Read the responses...

All Welcome Here sent a letter to all candidates for County Council (who provided an email address) and for school trustee (who were not acclaimed).

Our four questions:

What does diversity, equity, inclusion and Indigeneity (DEII) mean to you?

What have you done personally or professionally to develop your own understanding of anti-racism?

What DEII, anti-oppression and/or cultural competence training have you received and how will you apply what you learned as a councillor/trustee?

How will you work to ensure that every resident in our community is included?
How will you work to ensure that every student and staff member is included?

Fun facts...

All responses we received are linked to the left. Read them all and make your own choices.

(I'm aware that the chart is by ward number and the list is alphabetical but I'm not redoing them! - Judith)

I will help marginalized youth & teachers to reach an audience where they can have the floor, where everyone will hear them. To me, the biggest importance is making sure everyone has a safe space to learn, to teach, and to be themselves in their community without fear of being harmed.
Hale Ferguson
North HPEDSB Trustee

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