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All Welcome Here (AWH) was founded in 2019 by Judith Burfoot, a Black woman living, working and existing in Prince Edward County, Ontario. She saw the need for rural Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) to have a space to connect and network. She also saw a need in the wider County community for anti-racism work.

The population of Prince Edward County that identify as BIPOC is roughly 5% (1,250 of 24,000) or approximately 1 in 20 people (according to the 2016 census - StatsCan).

We are Indigenous, Black, South Asian, Latin American, etc. Our national origins are quite diverse and we are Mohawk, Jamaican, Japanese, Somali, Filipino, Mexican, Canadian, Trinidadian, Sri Lankan, Peruvian, Bajan, Korean, Egyptian, and more! The population of people of colour is growing every year and receives no focused services.

Anecdotally, we are hearing disturbing stories of racist incidents happening in our community and there a distinct lack of knowledge around racism and anti-racism. This includes incidents in employment, accommodations and in our schools. We believe that given the global rise in populism, now is the time to act to counter messages of hate and intolerance and to ensure the cohesion of our community.

In 2020, All Welcome Here formally incorporated as a nationally registered charity with a Board of Directors.

Image Credit: Susan Smythe-Bishop

Our Vision

All Welcome Here (AWH) is a non-profit organization focusing on linking people of colour in the rural community of Prince Edward County in order to provide support, social connectedness and business assistance.

Rural communities rely on knowing your neighbours and intense networking. It can be difficult for people of colour to access the existing networks here in The County. This may be due to geographical separation, structural racism, the prevalence of new arrivals, and/or other as yet unidentified factors.

Racism exists in The County. Racism exists in Ontario and in Canada. We are creating an organization that will proactively seek to support people of colour while connecting us to our local non-BIPOC neighbours.

This organization that will ensure that people of colour are not isolated and that white children and adults have the educational opportunities necessary to thrive in today’s global world.

Our Mission

All Welcome Here has two immediate goals:

Build the local network to help us connect and thrive

Conduct research to learn who we are and what are our experiences

In the longer term, AWH’s priorities include:

AWH is focused on BIPOC but is conscious of the intersectionality of experience. We know that many of our members are also members of other communities. While they may not be our primary area of focus, we are firmly feminist, anti-ageist and LGBTQ+ positive. We support initiatives to improve accessibility for those with disabilities of all kinds and support people from all cultures, religions and nationalities.

Board of Directors

Mishaal Taylor

Board Member

Mishaal Taylor (she/her) a Pakistani woman, grew up in Mississauga and Brampton and moved to Toronto after meeting her partner. They bought their first home in PEC in 2020 and moved here with their husky. She always wanted to be close to nature and live in a small community and PEC was perfect for that. She loves her dog, caring for her plants and garden along with watercolour painting and DIY projects around the house. Coming from a background in supply chain management and always finding herself in the DEI or culture committee at work she knew that equity and equality were important to fight for. After becoming a mother, she decided she wanted to be part of the community in a more meaningful way. She wants to work towards an inclusive community for her family and generations to come.

Judith Burfoot - All Welcome Here - Tresurerer

Judith Burfoot


Judith Burfoot is the founder of All Welcome Here. Judith is a Black woman (she/her) who moved to Prince Edward County with her family in 2009 to farm and provide a better life for her children. She has been active in anti-racist activities since her youth and been involved with efforts against apartheid, police violence/killings, sexism/homophobia within liberation movements, and addressing discrimination within institutions. Judith loves The County, believes in community and thrives on bringing people together.

Jessica Lindsay-Sonakin - All Welcome Here - Secretary

Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin


Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin (she/her) is a mixed-race woman who moved to the area in 2010. Jessica is an experienced ECE and OCT certified Kindergarten teacher and holds a Master's degree in Child Study and Education. In her teaching, she works to centre inquiry-based learning, environmental education and social justice education. She also owns and operates a jals photography, a photography business with a focus on documenting weddings, elopements and families in the outdoors. A driving core value in her life is to facilitate safe spaces where people feel welcomed, relaxed and free to be themselves.

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