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All Welcome Here is a BIPOC-led non-profit organization focusing on anti-racism in a consciously intersectional way in Prince Edward County, Ontario. (BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour)

We strive to link people of colour in our rural community in order to provide social connections, business assistance, support and help in building that critical rural network.

We work in our wider community in anti-racist advocacy with a focus on education, access & representation, anti-racist actions and events, policing and migrant workers’ issues.

Migrant Worker Rights Demonstration, July 2020, Picton

All Welcome Here is excited to offer a dynamic community discussion series this year – “How do we start talking about race? Creating welcoming communities.” These down-to-earth discussions will guide participants through education, personal experiences and wonderings.


The series launches on March 21st at 6:00 pm at Macaulay Church Museum to celebrate the International Day to Eliminate Racism (United Nations). We will have sessions in April, May, June, September, October & November.


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All Welcome Here DEII Education


The population of Prince Edward County that identify as POC is roughly 5% is 10 in 200 people or 1 in 20 people.

— 2016 census – StatsCan

We are a small part of the local population but our numbers are growing. We are Indigenous, Black, South Asian, Latin American, etc. Our national origins are quite diverse and we are Mohawk, Jamaican, Japanese, Somali, Filipino, Mexican, Canadian, Trinidadian, Sri Lankan, Peruvian, Bajan, Korean, Egyptian, and more!

Are you BIPOC?

If you’re BIPOC in PEC you can join our private facebook group, join the book club, get support for your business (and find new customers), find anti-racism support, volunteer and join us for a BIPOC meetup (when covid restrictions allow).


BIPOC Businesses

Are you interested in supporting BIPOC businesses? Visit our listings to explore BIPOC owned businesses in Prince Edward County!


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The County Foundation is graciously collecting online donations on our behalf. (They are not charging anything for this service though charges a 3% fee on donations.)
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